South Korean President Faces STUNNING Impeachment

South Korean lawmakers on Friday impeached President Park Geun-hye, a stunning and swift fall for the country’s first female leader amid protests that drew millions into the streets in united fury.

After the vote, parliamentary officials hand-delivered formal documents to the presidential Blue House that stripped Park of her power and allowed the country’s No. 2 official, Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn, to assume leadership until the Constitutional Court rules on whether Park must permanently step down. The court has up to six months to decide.

“I’d like to say that I’m deeply sorry to the people because the nation has to experience this turmoil because of my negligence and lack of virtue at a time when our security and economy both face difficulties,” Park said after the vote, before a closed-door meeting with her Cabinet where she and other aides reportedly broke down in tears.


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Sickening: Concert Goers Smash Trump Piñata on Stage

When I saw this clip on TMZ over the weekend, I felt a sense of disgust rising up in me. The following display is ugly, plain and simple. It’s violent, it’s unproductive, and — as so often seems to be the case with such things — it plays directly into Trump’s political narrative.

What might further ingratiate Trump to ordinary Americans in “flyover country”? Perhaps his running mate getting treated rudely by snotty liberal New Yorkers at ‘Hamilton.’ What might rally indignation and disgust among even many Trump-skeptical Americans? Perhaps some American celebrities ranting about our president-elect onstage during a concert — or inviting people to destroy an piñata of our president-elect in a foreign country.

In a video published by TMZ, lead singer Axl Rose can be seen encouraging fans to come on stage and express their view of the president-elect. “Let’s bring in some people, and give them a f—–g stick,” he said. “I want you to express yourselves, however you feel.” Several fans were then lifted on stage and given sticks to destroy the object while the crowd cheered.


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Chris Christie for RNC Chair?

Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus will be joining the Trump Administration as the incoming White House chief of staff, leaving his current position open. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has reportedly expressed interest in the job. (more…)