AWKWARD: Wikileaks Reveals How the Clinton Campaign REALLY Feels About Chelsea

Well, this is embarrassing.

A number of emails released thus far by Wikileaks show what the Clinton camp really thinks about Chelsea Clinton, and it ain’t pretty.

An email exchange between Huma Abedin and campaign staffer Marlon Marshall released by WikiLeaks on Sunday suggested that Clinton didn’t even want her own daughter campaigning for her, instead preferring celebrities.

As LifeZette noted, “Clinton is not exactly known for her fondness of public events — or Arkansas, for that matter — so the idea that she would rather go there herself than send Chelsea Clinton speaks volumes.”

And that’s one of the nicer emails. Hillary advisor Doug Band had some harsh words about Chelsea – and Hillary, in an email released on Sunday.


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Trump Raised $9 Million Off The Final Debate

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump raised $9 million off the final debate with Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton Wednesday from a pair of Facebook videos.

The campaign ran two live-streams on Trump’s Facebook staged as regular news programming that featured interviews with some of his top surrogates. When visitors tuned in to the live videos they were asked to donate $10 or more ahead of a midnight deadline, and more than 150,000 responded with donations, reports Politico. (more…)


Trump Debate Guests Includes Obama’s Half Brother

(CNN) Donald Trump is bringing President Barack Obama’s Kenyan-born half-brother, Malik, to Wednesday’s third and final presidential debate, a campaign aide confirmed to CNN.

Hillary Clinton will be joined at Wednesday’s debate by two well-known billionaires who are backing her campaign, in what may be an attempt to rattle Republican nominee by su btly questioning his own net worth.



High Ranking Democrats Give Voter Fraud Instructions (Insane!)

We just posted a video from Project Veritas exposing how Democrats incited riots at Trump events. The very next day project Veritas shocked what’s left of the objective media by exposing high ranking Democrat officials plotting voter fraud.

Both Bob Creamer and Scott Foval were both fired today. Creamer had direct access to virtually all top ranking Democrat officials including John Podesta, you can read his emails to Podesta on Wikileaks.

This thing just keeps getting more outrageous, watch it for yourself and see how corrupt the mainstream media is for ignoring this explosive scandal:

These leftists are so brazen that they engage in open talk of voter fraud. Unfortunately, our nation is so divided that people on the left simply won’t believe or care about what is going on.

Extreme partisanship isn’t just alive on the left, it also thrives on the right. Television host like Sean Hannity and dishonest internet barons like Matt Drudge and Alex Jones have poisoned the well of bi-partisanship with their willingness to ignore reality and push wild conspiracy theories.

I don’t mean to depress you, but Donald Trump is truly the Benedict Arnold of our times. Sean Hannity, Matt Drudge, and Alex Jones knew that Trump was a New York City liberal con-artist, but they backed him anyway. Many liberals are actually right to say that right wing leaders are self interested populist hacks. Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter rabidly attacked any conservatives who suggested that Mitt Romney wasn’t conservative enough. After Romney lost they acted like the establishment forced Romney on us. Uhhm no. Hannity and Coulter carried water for the establishment by forcing Romney on us, they attacked Rick Santorum who they claimed couldn’t win. Fast forward to 2016 and Hannity and Coulter are at it again. This time pushing a con-artist who is both unelectable and a raging liberal phony. At least Trump is good for Hannity’s television ratings, they’re like best friends and stuff!

There simply isn’t any honest media in existence on the right or left. A few notable exceptions, like National Review, are in currently in the process of being destroyed by Trump and his surrogates as we speak. The lack of accountability on either side of the aisle means that crooks can run wild. Whether it’s Hillary Clinton or her good friend Donald Trump, we are all pretty screwed. America is in economic, cultural, and moral decline. Enjoy your family and enjoy your freedom while it lasts. I’ll keep fighting along side you until the bitter end, but I gotta admit our fight looks a lot more like the Alamo than the Battle of Yorktown. No matter what the prospects of victory are, our duty is simply to stand and fight for truth. God bless America.


Debating Marco Rubio Was A Bad Choice For This Guy

Despite some polls showing Trump losing the state of Florida, Marco Rubio is doing just fine in his Florida senate campaign. He maintains a nice lead in the polls and Democrats are even pulling funding from his challenger’s campaign.

Here’s a big part of the reason Rubio is doing so well, watch him crush his opponent below:

Wow, too bad Rubio didn’t preform like that during his debate with Chris Christie. Instead of plunging the entire Republican Party into a civil war, Republicans could be enjoying a comfy lead over the most unpopular Democrat ever nominated.

Sadly, the only supposed benefit of nominating Trump isn’t coming true either. Even though we all knew Trump was less likely to win the general election, many Trump supporters thought he was a risk worth taking because he would clean house and chase all the establishment RINO’s out of town.

Instead, the opposite is happening. Trump has filled his campaign with crooked insiders. From dishonest spokespeople like Jeffery Lord and Chris Christie to straight up thugs like Paul Manafort, Trump has loaded up his campaign with the most vile scum in politics. Trump is even loading up on Democratic party establishment folks like Bill Clinton’s ex-CIA director, James Woosley. There is even talk that Trump will start his own TV network with an investment from Hillary’s top campaign bundler Charles Kushner, after he loses the election. Trump exposed the fact that he is not really pro-life and even flip-flopped on immigration.

Making matters worse Trump and his surrogates are attacking the few intellectually honest voices conservative media has left. Eric Erickson, Jonah Goldberg, Bret Stephens, Steven Hayes, and even Glen Beck are being attacked from all sides by Trump surrogates and the liberal media. The Republican party has been fractured into three parts: conservatives who trust Trump, conservatives who think Trump’s a liberal con-artist, and establishment hacks who can’t wait to pass laws with Hillary Clinton. Game, set, match!

Marco Rubio just showed us that he would be a terrific candidate in 2020, if the Republican party still exists in four years.