Michael Rapaport Calls VP Pence a ‘Selfish F**k’

Show of hands for everyone who thought they were going to hear the words, “selfish f**k” in the news today? No? Well, goes to show you probably have too high an opinion of the public discourse. However, there’s a strong likelihood that watching this video will dispel you of any such notions.
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Terror experts puzzled by ISIS claim

Less than 12 hours after a man identified by police as Stephen Paddock opened fire on an outdoor country music concert, killing at least 59 and perpetrating the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) issued a statement that puzzled terror experts. Read More

Reza Aslan’s Pathetic Apology

WARNING: This article contains strong language.

On Sunday, after President Trump tweeted about his travel ban in the wake of the London terror attacks, CNN’s Reza Aslan referred to the president as a “piece of sh*t” on Twitter.

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