A Black Preacher Said He Supports a Republican. What Happened the Following Day Will Give You Chills.

Shortly after he gave his support to gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner, pastor Corey Brooks received threatening phone calls at his house. The nameless thugs promised to kill his family.

Apparently, in Chicago, supporting a Republican is like flashing the wrong gang sign.

These thugs even went to New Beginnings Church where he pastors and vandalized the building to the tune of $8,000 in damages.

This hasn’t been sitting well with Brooks.

He said, “It’s unfair that a person does not have a right to voice their opinion and speak about who they want to support, and that some people still feel you have got to stay on this Democratic plantation… If you choose to leave it or go off it, we will attack you.”

What do you think abut all of this?

She Tried to Violate Their Religious Freedom. Christians Flooded Her Office, But Not with Hate Mail.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker might be kicking herself right about now.

Her attempt to subpoena sermons from pastors who spoke on homosexuality, gender identity or the mayor herself has definitely backfired.

And so Christians all across the state (and elsewhere) have flooded her office with… bibles.

Sending the bibles was a way for Christians to protest her decisions. The idea was inspired by Mike Huckabee, Glenn Beck, Ted Cruz and others.

Parker says she welcomes the bibles and sees the sending of bibles as a constructive means of protest.