What Chick-Fil-A Employees Did for a Man about to Die Will Leave You Stunned

Liberals across the nation hate Chick-Fil-A and what it stands for.

Conservatives on the other hand love the store and have rated it one of the best fast food restaurants around. One of the biggest reasons they give it such high ratings is the restaurants commitment to service as well as its adherence to Chrisitain values.

Which is why it’s not all that┬ásurprising the caliber of people they employee is so incredibly high.

In fact, they’re willing to lay their lives down for others.

This story is just now getting attention, but it happened in May.

Q Political gives us the details:

It all started when one woman received a frantic call from her 78-year-old father. When he told her that he needed help, she thought it would be something minor such as changing a lightbulb. But what he proceeded to tell her left me speechless.

The sweet, elderly man was trapped inside his vehicle as it spun like water going down a drain in the raging flood waters. Terry Smith didn’t think he would live, but two unlikely heroes stepped up and saved his life. This story gave me chills!

Two Chick-fil-A employees, Luis Torres and Jessica Gernant, spotted the drowning man right outside the restaraunt window. While some might have simply dialed 9-11, their brave and selfless response to the situation blew me away. You’ve just got to see this!


It makes sense a company founded on biblical values would have employees who acted like Christ.

They willingly put their lives in danger and to help save someone they didn’t even know.

You can be absolutely sure much of this has to do with Chick-Fil-A’s hiring practices and their practice of putting other people before themselves.

What a great story worth sharing!